Image is INDEED Everything!

As a self-professed fashionista, I learned early on from the mothers in my life, that image is indeed everything! On Easter Sunday at the tender age of 3, I donned a Jacqueline Kennedy-inspired coat…complete with purse, hat and white gloves! So you see, I had no choice but to go from one level to the next completely in style! My mothers also taught me that although one’s outer adornment is essential, inner beauty and positive self-worth would ultimately fashion me into the woman I am today! Remarkably, there’s much written on this subject, however many women aren’t happy in their own skin. It is for this reason, that I’m launching ImageEZentials! Using fashion-forward themes, this e-newsletter will showcase image-enhancing articles– simply put sure to help YOU see a different reflection in your MIRROR! I’ll be posting commentary from this e-boutique here on my blog. I invite you to follow the posts and totally immerse yourself in everything you need to refine, rejuvenate and restyle your image – personally and professionally. I’m going to bring you the HOTTEST wardrobe accessories for EVERY season and for fashioning yourself into a BRAND NEW YOU! (Although intended for ladies, men also will benefit from this dialog!)

It’s time for CHANGE! No time than the present… God LIVES within you. ImageEZentials will show you how!


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