Selah Detroit!

RT @latanyaorr: Read my latest Selah Detroit @madmimi newsletter:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Selah Detroit!

Detroit is on the move! If you haven’t noticed lately, the city of Detroit is getting it’s groove back! The landscape is changing — bringing new business, new restaurants, new opportunities, new innovations—all while reviving and preserving the true character of this historic city!
It is a great time to be in the “D!”

Selah (saa ‘lah) is a Hebrew term meaning pause and think about that. In Detroit, there is so much to stop, look and consider. Selah Detroit is dedicated to honoring the new life and the old spirit of the Motor City. What is the true spirit of Detroit, you ask? Well, the people of course! It is the people who make Detroit, and Selah Detroit is proud to feature the movers, the shakers, the writers, the speakers, the motivators, and the educators who have paused and are impacting the D for the better!
Each issue of Selah Detroit will not only highlight people making a difference, (Who in the “D”?), but also upcoming events (D-City Happenings), people and businesses you need to know (Motown Meet & Greet), ministries on the move (In The Spirit), as well as services to help promote and grow your mission and/or business (Call for Backup!). Each issue will be chocked full of inspiration and ideas!

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