Detroit Rocks the Stiletto Women in Business Awards!

Three of Detroit’s own “stilettopreneurs” Tamika Brown, Sabrina Jackson and LaTanya Orr recently received top honors at the Stiletto Women in Business Awards (SWIBA) in Atlanta, GA.


Certified event planner Tamika Brown, President of RSVP Premier Group and Occasions to Remember, received the Rising Star Award. The voice delivering excellence —Dr. Sabrina Jackson, founder and CEO of Sabrina Jackson Enterprises —was honored as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Health & Healing. Award-winning brand strategist and graphic designer, LaTanya Orr, CEO of Selah Branding and Design, received Business of  the Year in Web/Graphic Design.


Stiletto Women was founded by Karlena Wallace in 2009 as a new media portal to empower everyday women. launched with a series of affiliate blogs designed to support our mission and the diverse lives of women in business. Later, the publishing arm released the first edition of Stiletto Woman Magazine. This publication catered to an untapped market: women solo and micro business owners who were making monumental strides in business. From there, a movement began. Stiletto Women had a distinctive voice in the space for women entrepreneurs, independent publishers (particularly those run by women), and everyday individuals looking for a reliable source of professional and personal support that was transparent and relatable.  Stiletto Women also realized that women had begun to make significant contributions in social media and business strategy (particularly in the micro business sector), and there was no formal recognition for these women and their momentous efforts. Since that time, Stiletto Women has featured some of the most amazing women in business from around the United States and Canada. The annual Stiletto Woman Business Awards (SWIBA) is one of the first comprehensive, national award programs to honor everyday women in small and micro business.

To mark this occasion, a special celebration and media party is being planned for April. More details to follow. For more information about Stiletto Women, visit


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