Day 1- Suitcase Entrepreneur 30-Day Challenge

As the granddaughter of 20th century entrepreneurs, I knew in high school that I wanted to be my own boss… Torn between several career aspirations- teacher, painter, computer geek and even a pediatrician – I was told by my parents to “pick one” and pursue that with everything that was in me. I applied to the University of Michigan, got in, and moved 250 miles away from my family to begin my adult life. So that’s where my first life’s adventure started. Now nearly 30 years later, I’m doing what I love to do – coaching/assisting “primarily” new entrepreneurs with creating and establishing their brand/image in the global marketplace. 

I originally started my blog as a way to promote my services as well as showcase the work I do while also sharing information about the current trends in branding and marketing for entrepreneurs.

I’ve been following Natalie Sisson for awhile…Her life/her business model is brilliant. I’ve desired to take my business on the road- and have done so thru technology…I can do what I do from anywhere in the world from my computer and smartphone! But I haven’t really tapped the global market as much as I would like. I have dreams of setting up offices in Paris & Honolulu.

It is for this reason, my dream, that I desire to begin a new adventure in my work/life thru this 30-day challenge. I also have so much “in me” that I need to write about- that I’ve felt that I don’t have time to write, to share with others. I’ve been writing on my first book for nearly 2 years now. I need to get it finished along with 4 other titles that I have outlines for that also need to get published. I’m just ready to pack-up and move (maybe not literally) but figuratively. Looking forward to this challenge. As Bishop TD Jakes says- Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready! 



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