It’s a Winter to Remember!

Happy New Year! The weather outside has been frightful to say the least here in the Midwest (actually the entire USA has been experiencing a winter that we’ll all want to forget)!

As a result of staying close to my fireplace, I’ve spent some quality time – more than usual – organizing my life as well as creating ” divine” design concepts for my latest client projects (I’ll share my latest creative later).

I resolved that 2014 was going to be the year of NO PAPER! That’s right – I said it. NO PAPER! I’ve totally gone digital using two of the best online tools/apps available in the marketplace — Redbooth and Evernote.

Redbooth (formerly Teambox) – This remarkable and awesome online tool/app automates and manages my projects and tasks (business and personal) simply and effortlessly. You can instantly see progress and milestones with its workload view, milestone calendar and streamlined Gantt charting (it makes Gantt charts for you)!

I used to make a file folder  for each of my clients, then print out corresponding docs, notes, emails etc. and place in the folder, while also keeping an archive folder on my computer. Well, I’ve moved 3 times in the last 4 years and needless to say those file folders weigh a ton and take up entirely too much space in my office (and I had storage bins filled with folders!!!) Funny thing – I hardly ever referenced those folders. They were piling up with no room to add new ones! I realized that I couldn’t do that anymore – I was becoming a hoarder of PAPER! (If you’ve ever watched Hoarders – you know what can happen over time if you don’t get it under control!) I made a decision not to move those folders one more time! I purged down my files to 3 boxes from nearly 30. Then I set about to find the best digital tool to best help me manage my projects, voila Redbooth! Here’s what other users of Redbooth are saying.

Evernote – I’ve been using Evernote casually for the past 2 years – not really using it to its full potential until now. Evernote helps you remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done. It allows me to save my thoughts and ideas (like for the books that I’ve been working on ) while also helping me to stay organized and productive with my client work. With Evernote, you can clip web resources, archive articles and email yourself (to your Evernote account) files, docs to your project notebooks that you set-up. Its extremely easy to use.  I also use Evernote for my personal stuff like saving recipes, for “filing” things I need to purchase or to collect web clippings for vacation and travel. The uses are endless. You can read more about how others are using Evernote here.

Both of these apps/online tools have revolutionized my work/life. Additionally, Redbooth integrates with Evernote and other resources such as DropBox, Google Drive. How awesome is that!

Hopefully, my tale of the paper hoard has given you pause to consider streamlining your own processes in this new year. As the saying goes- you’ve got to do some things differently to get different results. May take some time to “change” your mindset but in the long-run, organizing your life can only position you for greater success. Do yourself a favor in 2014 – raise the standard in your work/life. Take advantage of these wintry days and get organized for the year ahead. You’ll be glad you did.


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